So what’s up with that blog name?

Perhaps you’re thinking it’s pretentious AF.


For those of you that have come across this at random you may be wondering why my blog is called Elitist Swine. Perhaps you’re thinking it’s pretentious AF. And yeah it kind of is. When I first kicked around the idea to create a writers group it was because I missed my old college writers group so much. I talk to a few writer friends about it and they all seemed down for it. But we needed a name. A name that would help us to distinguish ourselves as seasoned writers. After all we had all grown together as writers, helped one another to push ourselves. We knew it would be a closed group. Just us close friends, and no noob’s with emo poems.

My friend Bea suggested the name and I just loved it. Elitist Swine, since we were excluding others. But this blog isn’t about excluding any one. So if you’re new to writing stick around. I’ll try to do my best to talk about my experiences as a writer.

So here are some things I do to keep myself encouraged to keep going.

  • Keep reading. Read a lot, read everything that you can get your hands on. And not just the genres you already love. Push yourself to read new things. It will help you grow as a writer. Read as a reader first, enjoy the story. And if and when you read it again read as a writer. You’ll appreciate the writing.
  • They say write often. I’ve found that when I write often I’m able to get into the flow of it a lot faster. That’s a good feeling when your fingers fly over the keyboard and a story if pouring out of you. I admit though that I don’t always do this. Sometimes life gets in the way. But hey maybe it will give you something to write about.
  • Create a space to work in if you can. I’m lucky right now that I’m able to do that. But I’ll be moving soon and I have no idea if I’ll be able to have a room like I have now. But no matter what I will find a space even if I have to take over the living room. (Sorry hubby, get out I’m working! LOL)
  • To keep myself writing I keep a journal. The act of writing in itself is important. Not everything needs to be the next Great American Novel. I like to use mine to figure out how I feel about stuff or to figure out how a story should go. And sometimes I keep notes about things I think I may find useful latter on.


These are just some of the things I like to do to keep going. So try some out or share with me what you like to do to keep yourself writing. Happy writing.

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