And readers are always asking us, “where do you get your idea’s?” As if we can buy them from Amazon.


First things first. I’ve been away for a bit for a few reasons. Mostly life getting in the way. But that’s what happens sometimes. And I’ve been working, (or trying to work,) on a new story. Yay, I’m writing! Kind of. Still yay though.

Okay readers, as you may have guessed by my riveting tittle I’ll be writing about Idea’s. Writers are always looking for new idea’s for stories, for characters, or poems. And readers are always asking us, “where do you get your idea’s?” As if we can buy them from Amazon. Is this not a dreaded question? It’s so hard to answer at times. Putting it into words never seems adequate. Or maybe that’s just me. It just seems to me that every time I read an interview of a writer I like that question is asked. Most answers are vague, some try to answer in a way that all may understand. Most I think just shrug their shoulders and say I don’t know but I’m glad those idea’s keep coming.

But what to do when those idea’s are not so forthcoming. I think a lot of writers put too much on themselves to come up with a ton of good ideas. So don’t fall into that trap. After all you only need one to start with. And if all the ideas you’ve accumulated seem to lack something, don’t panic. Take one of those ideas and go with it. There are no bad ideas, just unfinished stories. Remember every gem they pull from the Earth is just a rock untill its cut and polished.

But what if you can’t think of any ideas? Well I’ve said it before, and I’ll fucking say it again. Read! Read a lot. Read fiction, non fiction, newspapers, magazines, blogs or even tabloids! Everything and anything. Devour the written word and let it permeate your soul and mind. Read the classics, read the smut. It’s all good and soon your imagination will begin to dream up new worlds teeming with ideas.

Keep writing. Keep a journal put in it whatever you want. You don’t need to show it to anyone. Write about yourself, your family, the load neighbors. Or us it to keep track of what you’ve read and what you thought of each book. Doodle around the margins if you want too. Write funny things you saw that day, anything. As long as you write. One of those everyday things could turn into an idea.

Prompts! Yes reader I’m talking about prompts again. There are all kinds of prompts out there. There are free prompts online. There are books you can buy filled with them. Talk you your writer friends and exchange prompts with each other. Sometimes it’s easier to come up with a prompt for someone else.

Still not coming up with an idea. Turn to a character. Create a new character, or if that’s not working out take a character from something that you liked. A book, a movie, a comic book. Interview them. Come up with some questions they don’t need to be hard-hitting questions. They can be anything. Silly, or deep just as long as you get those creative juices flowing. Want to push yourself a little interview a character you hated. Find out why they are such an asshole. Or do they have a sad story to tell.

For myself a lot of my ideas come from my life. When there a little to everyday, a little to drab, I dress them up and put a new spin on things. When people’s behavior is less than desirable I use that to. Good or bad it don’t matter it’s all fair game. But maybe change names before you publish.

I’ve been throwing around the idea of posting prompts. I’m not sure how often I’ll post them. Maybe only when I come across a really good one. Let’s try shall we.

Prompt: It was my turn to dig again. This must be your first line. The who what when where is up to you.

Prompt idea taken from Writer’s Digest. I used this one a while ago and wrote a small piece. When I can I will give links to sites that I use for prompts.

Happy writing.


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