Summer Time Writing

You’re reading my title and thinking, “What the fuck is Summer time writing.” Well keep on reading to find out. 


You’re reading my title and thinking, “What the fuck is Summer time writing.” Well keep on reading to find out.

We’ve all heard the phrase summertime reading. Well I try to make time during my summer for writing as well as my reading. But this kind of writing is much more laid back. No real goal in mind than other to write, hell it doesn’t even have to be good.

The point it just to put pen to page. For these I like to work on Poetry. I don’t worry about structure or how many lines. Just as long as I’m writing. Latter on I can go back and read what I’ve done. Maybe I’ll have something to work with and make it better.

Short stories are also good for this kind of thing. But since I usually write short stories, I like to try something I haven’t done in a while. Most of my Poetry is personal, nothing that I would publish so I don’t have to worry is its marketable or good enough. It’s just something I can do for myself.

How to get going:

  1. For poetry free style is nice. Nothing holding you back. No limits. If you’re working on a short story use a prompt to start you off.
  2. Keep it simple. No need for big ideas. If is should bloom into something more along the way, awesome. But to start out keep it simple. Example: Prompt (It was my turn to dig again) Focus on the action of digging. Work on your detailing. What are the tools being used for digging, how many are digging, is the ground hard or soft, is it day or night, hot or cold, is it taking a long time? first the what’s then the whys.
  3. Do not worry about word count, or how many pages you’ve done. This is not the point. This is just an exercise to keep in the habit and work on anything that your feel you would like to improve on.
  4. If you should find yourself staring at a blank page, use it. Write about the blank page, the void looking back at you and what it might see. And if that is too much to bare then use this as a journal. But not just any journal add some fiction to your life, like how you become a spy, or how you got pulled into helping to save the world.

I find that using some of my summer time to work on this that it helps me in the long run. It’s a safe way to explore different styles and genres. So experiment, try new things and see what happens.

Happy writing.

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