Upcoming Posts and a Little About Me

Things have calmed down for me and I have more time to write for my blog, as well as other things.


Things have calmed down for me and I have more time to write for my blog, as well as other things. Tomorrow morning there will be a new post in the category Writing more to follow soon after.

Summertime is here and man has it made itself known. Here in California we had a triple digit heat wave that just sucked the fun out of outdoor activities. Right now we are in the upper 90’s but it’s not as bad as 104 to 110 degrees it was.

Lots of things have been going on for me. As I said in an earlier post I got married we are getting to spend the summer together since my husband has the summer off. (He works for a school district.) We don’t have a ton of things planned for our summer just a day trip that’s in the works to a local Zoo. Mostly we will hang out at home playing video games like Minecraft, (that’s a game we can play together,) and binge watch Netflix or Hulu.

Some other things that have happened is that my maternal grandmother got very ill and spent some time in the hospital. (Her blood pressure was way too high,) but she’s doing much better now. She back at home and is just as mischievous as ever. But she really scared me there for a while. And my Mom retired from her job of 27 years. She was the Head Lunch Lady at an Middle School. Her and her husband, my step dad, already being retired decided that it was a good time to buy a house and move out-of-state. So my mom is far away for the first time in my life and it’s really weird and I’ve been a little down about it. But I’m very excited for them as well. As Gomez Addams would say, “C’est la vie!”

Yes I quoted Gomez Addams. Yes, I am that kind of weirdo. #Gothforlife

So only half a year gone by with some big changes. It’s not easy but I have a great support from my friends and loved ones. And with all this emotion I can channel it into my writing.

And just for fun here are five random things about me.

  1. I love all things Goth!
  2. Always looking for the perfect red lipstick.
  3. I love 90’s Alternative Music.
  4. My favorite band is The Smashing Pumpkins.
  5. I collect Funko Pops.
  6. Bonus!   I love all things Horror!





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