Lost Book Found

If you’re a book nerd like me then you know the agony of misplacing a book.


If you’re a book nerd like me then you know the agony of misplacing a book. I had to wonder if I lent it out. But I knew I hadn’t. I never lend a book that I haven’t read yet so it had to be somewhere in my messy home. But where? I looked the small bedroom that I’ve turned into my library/office, not there. I then checked the living room and my bedroom. But I did not find it. I remember reading it last in my bedroom but couldn’t recall if I had taken it with me on my last trip up to the Bay Area.

1297813967299_ORIGINAL lost 1

I was worried that I had really lost it. Usually my books are only misplaced by being added to the wrong stack or shelf. But this one seemed to had disappeared altogether. I was very upset by this. I needed that book damn it! It was something I needed to read for research for a story I want to write.


My search seemed to be for not. For days and weeks I was not to be found. Not knowing what to do, or where to look I gave up. My husband said when I stopped looking for it and wanted to find something else I would find it. I figured he was right but I couldn’t stop from looking, from obsessing about it.

This lost book was driving me nuts. I kept telling myself I could always get another copy and then would joke about how as soon as I did I would find it. But I just couldn’t spend money on something I knew I already had. By this point I was sure it was somewhere in my home, no doubt shoved in with a bunch of junk. I worried that it made its way into my book give away box by accident. So I checked it twice and didn’t find it.

I went through both my shelves and all the stacks of books that I have around the house. Nothing, zilch, zip, nada. Now I’m really getting pissed off and I only had myself to blame. I should have put it where I would easily find it again.

I had to stop looking. I had to put my library/office back to order. But the nagging feeling didn’t go away. It was always there in the back of my mind. “You need to find that book.”

If you have an anxiety disorder you know how fucked up this feeling it. After all its just a book and if I really have too I can buy another copy no problem. But my sick little mind doesn’t see it that way.


I finally tell myself that I’ve left it up North and that when I go back up I’ll find it at my in laws home. No dice. They haven’t seen it and I can’t find it there.

Oh the agony of it all!

Some weeks later after cleaning my home I misplace my Nintendo XL 3ds. I can’t find it anywhere.

Now the book I’ve been looking for was from a used bookstore bought on the cheap. The XL 3ds was not cheap. But while looking for my ds I find the book I’m looking for along with three other books I didn’t know I was even missing! And later that night I found the ds. It got covered my some laundry.

images (12)

All images from google.

But now all is right with the world. Or at least in my tiny corner of it.



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